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The Ride Four Aussie blokes trade their wheelchairs for quad bikes and ride 5000km across the desolate heart of Australia to visit the crash sites where they were injured as young men. The stakes are high in this story of survival – three of the men are paraplegics and one is a quadriplegic. Exhaustion, mud, deserts and floods won’t stop these blokes from visiting the spots where their lives changed forever.

Following the success of the WA tour, The Ride took to the road in October 2014 on a screening tour around regional SA visiting a total of 22 towns. We visited the South, South East and Riverland, to help the SA community to better understand the impact of living with a disability and promote road safety.

Thanks to support from the Julia Farr M S McLeod Benevolent Fund

The Julia Farr M S McLeod Benevolent Fund is providing financial support to The Ride because it shows what can be accomplished living with disability; we think this is an important message for people living with brain injury or other types of acquired disability.

We hope many South Australians living with disability - and their non-disabled family, friends and neighbours - get to one of the many screenings in community venues throughout South Australia.  It is a powerful story that can change the way people think and act.

Robbi Williams, CEO at Julia Farr group

Winner, South Australia Screen Awards Nominated for best editing in Documentary 2013 Australian Screen Editors Guild

Audience Reactions

An emotional and uplifting film that will make you laugh and cry. Don't miss it!

A feel good movie

Thank you so much. Awareness and candidness was amazing

The courage these men have shown is truly inspirational

Powerful road safety messages

Dr Soames Job, road safety expert