The Ride WA Screening Tour: COMPLETE

The Ride WA Screening Tour is now complete, and what a fantastic journey it has been!

Here is the full list of towns we visited, and the map (click the icon at each location for photos).

We’ve travelled approximately 8,000kms around WA, visiting 45 communities and screening 50 times - to a combined audience of about 4,500 people.

Our final screening took place on Friday 6 December at Neil McDougall Park in South Perth; we had a good crowd and the Chairman of one of our key supporters – Disability Services Commission (DSC) – Bruce Langoulant came down to kick-off the event and congratulate us for helping to raise awareness about ‘Count Me In’ and its important messages.

From here we’ll be looking for opportunities to tour other parts of Australia, to continue sharing ‘The Ride’ with as many people as possible. Hopefully we’ll secure the same level of support that we have here in WA, both from our supporters (Fairholme Disability Support Group, Disability Services Commission (DSC) and Lotterywest) and the WA community in general – without your support this simply wouldn’t have been possible.

We hope that you’ll continue to follow our journey, and ‘Thank You’ once again for coming along for The Ride!

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Interested visitors can check out the WA Tour map here.

Winner, South Australia Screen Awards Nominated for best editing in Documentary 2013 Australian Screen Editors Guild

Audience Reactions

An emotional and uplifting film that will make you laugh and cry. Don't miss it!

A feel good movie

Thank you so much. Awareness and candidness was amazing

The courage these men have shown is truly inspirational

Powerful road safety messages

Dr Soames Job, road safety expert